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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sorting Through

Life has such interesting opportunities. All are teachers I think. I strive to discern the lesson each moment comes to bring.

The ultimate goal, for me at least, is spiritual awakening. I am in pretty good shape in prayer, meditation, understanding spiritual principles, reading and discerning. I'm not there yet, as they say, but I am on my way.

Of course, there are others who think their spiritual understanding is superior to mine and might even attack me. But I know what I know. I am confident in my understanding and spiritual relationship with Christ, God and the heavenly hosts. So, I can see what other people present and know that it is where they are, but I am somewhere else. I know what I know. The veil has parted often enough that I am confident in my spiritual understanding.

Sorting through the outer stuff of life and mining the lessons there seems to be my challenge. When I think I see through some outer thing or the other, that upsets someone who thinks they have done the same but came to a different conclusion and their conclusion is right and mine wrong. It is fascinating. Sometimes it is hurtful. The dynamic of attack when someone reaches a different conclusion rather than the persuasion of a better argument confuses me.

As I write our nation is in the throws of a Presidential election. Some dear people are on both sides of it all. Some get angry when they are disagreed with. Some throw personal attacks at the candidates on the other side and on those friends who are on the other side. I find it fascinating. In my view we ought to be on the side of America. We ought to explore to find the facts rather than throw slogans. We ought to want to know the truth rather than protect our points of view. The old, let the chips fall where they may, saying might do us well. What if we are gutterly, emotionally attached to this or that person who is running and blind ourselves to reality that might change our attachment if known? Do we dare as a people to drop our biases? Do we dare to look truth squarely in the eye? I truly hope so.

In the meantime, I must learn the lessons especially from people I care about who so strongly disagree with me they attack me rather than argue the point. I think part of my lesson is to not take it personally. An angry person who fights unfairly via attack rather than debates via valid argument is just exhibiting their consciousness in general. I need to be an observer and not a reactor.

I need to love passionate people, even when they are not nice passionate people. Jesus told us to love unconditionally. That is my marching order so to speak. Hence, the lesson returns to the common mission of all on earth, to the final question we will be asked, "Did you learn how to love?"

Dear, dear Lord, help me to love as You have called us to love - unconditionally, fully, without reserve.

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