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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


In the shower this morning, my mind began musing on holes and individuality and grief. Each person is a unique creation with a unique purpose, no one else can fill their place. It is up to each of us to be as fully who we are as possible. No one else can be me, and no one else can be you. If we don't go for it, it doesn't happen - that part we are to play is left undone, a hole in the fabric of life so to speak.

That led me to think of grief. When someone of whom we are aware passes on to the next life, we feel some level of grief. I think that is partly because they have left a hole. No one else can be that person to us. There will never be another you, says the Marriage Encounter song. Grief can be deeply felt, as a close loved one goes on to the next life. It can be mildly felt, for a person that was barely known.

But then it can be about someone that we've never met, but whose work has in some way touched us. For example, Mozart died so young, and I wonder what amazing compositions we will not hear that he would have written in a later part of his life. I feel a touch of sadness about that. I wonder what Pres. Lincoln might have done to smooth the transitions after the Civil War, and I feel a pang in my heart. We also feel for current public figures (those who lived during our times), such as Pres. Kennedy and the hole he left as not only he passed on but also Camelot left us. My generation shook from the immense shock of a series of heroes being assassinated, not only Pres. Kennedy, also his brother, Bobby, and Dr. Martin Luther King. For the most part, our grieving ends fairly quickly when it is for someone we didn't actually know. However, it must be noted that for some it goes on and on - some people still are grieving Elvis.

I also grieve for the millions upon millions of babies that have been killed/aborted, whose lives never got to be lived, their gifts never given. Millions of holes. What could have been, was supposed to have been, but was destroyed by the notion that life is not sacred. I weep for them and also for those who decided that life is nothing but a clump of cells and not worth honoring. As we turn from acknowledging and honoring the sacred, we see society fraying at the edges and tearing larger and larger rips in the fabric of society.

I pray we as the people of earth, as the human family that we are, turn our hearts and lives to the Divine and change direction. The loss of Western civilization, or of course civilization in general, would be an immense and catastrophic hole. I say Western civilization here because that is the most under attack from within and without right now.

We rarely know far in advance when we will graduate from earth and will be asked if we accomplished our purpose and if we learned to love unconditionally. Let's strive to fill up the space that is us with all the vibrancy of love and light that we can. Let's be fully the divine creation we are and express our uniqueness. Dare to be you.

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