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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Lesson In The Night

During the night, I was awakened by a "message." It was incredibly clear and pointedly what I needed to know. I share it here so that when you need to know this, it is here for you too.

Being present in the moment gives you that moment as always part of you. Not being present leaves you yearning for what you just could have had if you had just been there to fully experience it.

So --- you cannot always be eating lobster or having great sex or watching the sunset on the North Shore, but they are more with you in a special way than if they were physically present right now. There is no way, for example, that you could eat lobster 24/7 so that the taste would always be with you. But because you've been in the moment various times when you ate lobster, the taste in fact is with you.

Greed and addiction for something comes from not being in the moment and so not filled with experience of that moment. The person then wants more and more and more without ever allowing the precious millisecond to become alive and filled by being present moment by moment.

The same with Cosmic moments. You cannot function on earth and always be in the Light - seeing - hearing - knowing. But you have been fully present for these moments in your life, and so they are present and part of you at every moment.

All things depart. All is transient, save God. Yet all things with which you have been fully present live in you as part of you. 

So the paradox - all is temporary on earth; all you fully experience lives on in you.

The moments of your life bring you to tears and laughter and inspiration - and they are always going on.

I see! There IS NO time or space. It IS all NOW! I am filled. It simply is.

The ideas I've known, the physics, the metaphysics, the philosophy, the theology have come together in me, knitted into a flash of NOW. I can only hint, but you can grab the hint and know too.