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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I started Michener's book, "The Source," yesterday. So far it takes place in a fascinating archaeological dig. It led my mind back to my anthropology teacher who prided herself on having gone on digs and various fascinating expeditions with Margaret Mead. Then my mind was led to the commitment of sincere archaeologists and other scientists to the quest in search of more information and truth, That quest requires all false assumptions to drop away when incontrovertible evidence shows otherwise.

But then I saw in panorama the faces and voices of argument over things that really are incontrovertible. Polarized, they speak passionately with religious fervor, angry at the upstarts that dare take the other view. Then I saw ordinary folks doing the same thing over various issues.

It seems to me that some people do not want to quest for the truth, but rather simply memorize some position or the other that someone else put out there. A quest might be too disturbing, too tiring, too dangerous to the memorized belief.

So here I am, questing after spiritual truth, willing to let go that which proves itself false. Few are strong enough to go on such a dangerous quest, dangerous to old legends and myths and memorized positions that came from someone who stated thus and so somewhere in the long past.

I mourn the fading critical thinking skills. I mourn the addiction to having things settled, even if they are wrong. I mourn those who stick to whatever it is, long after it has been proven false. We have our own believers that echo those who once believed fervently that the earth was flat and also the center of the universe. The modern believers  may not accept those falsehoods, but they have their own false beliefs and defend them self-righteously.

I mourn those who speak love but live judgment and hate. I mourn those who think God is some giant in a bed-sheet with a lightening bolt in his hand, and who has to be alert for a guy in a red outfit and pitchfork. I mourn those who quiver in fear over new ideas, new discoveries and open highways to greater understanding of life. I mourn those who burn books in their minds, refusing to read or consider anything other than their decided worldview.

In my understanding at this point of my development, I know that God is Love and we are called to Love - everyone. Enfolded in God's Love, we do not fear to quest into new understandings. God Infinitely, Joyously leads on the sincere questers to fields of knowledge, understanding and thrill so immense, surprisingly and glorious one wonders why the years spent in resistance seemed so important.

Let's quest into the archaeology of our beliefs, fearlessly and with excitement.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


This week I didn't write anything here because something in me shattered and had to be reassembled, at least partially. I realize that old patterns need to go to give space for growth. I know old beliefs have to be released for new and larger and more accurate beliefs to enter our lives. I am certain that God is Infinite and therefore can never be fully known, so all beliefs are subject to change. Since I cannot possibly know the Infinite from this finite spot, I have to become comfortable as possible in living in unknowing.

This week, something reared up from the ocean of unknowing into the daylight of knowing. It changed my worldview. It shattered what I thought I knew. It left me bare and shaking. It reminded me of how vulnerable and ignorant I am. How tiny am I in relation to Infinite. Yet, sometimes I forget and get myself comfortable in the cozy thought that all is well and I know enough for now. I don't know enough. I can never know all.

I got metaphysically slapped in the face, stabbed in the heart, shaken to the core. It was sudden. It came up in an instant and changed my life from this point onward. I cannot ever be the same.

As of this writing, I am still shaky. I am in process of praying, listening, contemplating and coming up with a feeble plan to go on into the unknown tomorrows knowing what I now know.

Great Infinite Spirit, I know You are everywhere, always. I open myself to Your Guidance and Wisdom. Show me Your Way through this time and help me deepen my walk with You. As all things work together for good for those who love You, I accept good is now revealing itself through the shards. I am here, and I listen.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


This morning I was considering the state of becoming in which we all live. We have become many things. We have learned and grown and become more of our true self with each passing moment, or we have shied away from becoming more and shut down parts of ourselves.. Life is not static, so we are compelled in some inner way to expand and become more. But we cannot stand still, if we shrink from the adventure of becoming more, we become less. And, we are not a done deal, we are in process. We are becoming something that we are not this day.

In our becoming, sometimes, it seems to me, we forget the infinite spring of creativity that gurgles within us and the unlimited possibilities that stretch before us and beckon us to come, come, come this way, - expand, become more, let out more of the imprisoned splendor.

If we resist, life gets stale, and we become bored or even cruel instead of becoming more of the magnificent child of the Infinite that we actually are. I see people walking around the mall, the grocery store, the sidewalks and byways of life with their eyes and focus in a phone/computer. They are numbed. They have ceased to create. They have ceased to celebrate the magnificent creation that is all around them. They don't see that all of nature points tirelessly to our Infinite Divine Creator. They walk without seeing - let she who has eyes to see, see God everywhere.

I think there is creativity starvation afoot. Therefore, there is spiritual starvation.

Winning at a computer game is not creativity. Forwarding a cute video is not creativity. A "selfie" is not creativity. Ignoring the cries of the trees you pass is not being aware that all is part of the Creator, all is consciousness.

We are by our divine nature, called to create. Create beauty, love, prayers, new ideas, friendships, jokes, quilts, books, etc. Creativity and Spirituality are closely linked. They nurture the deep soul together and lead us up and out of the hypnosis of the meaningless.

I have not been bored, as far back as I can recall. I feel the bubbling and am stirred to action by possibilities that beckon to me. So many ideas dance in me. So many things to do and become. Each millisecond that I spend here on earth, I am becoming more or less. How I spend my day matters. How I spend this moment is important, for it helps create the next and the next.

I dream of a creativity Renaissance here in the 21st century, and on its heels, a true spirituality Renaissance. In my lifetime???  Come be part of the Renaissance. Resign from the meaningless and become all God intended when you were created.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Another Perspective

I like to look at life and spirituality from many points of view. One I have loved comes from Hinduism which is the oldest continuously practiced religion on earth. It is the Bhagavad Gita, and sometimes when reading it, I think Jesus quoted from it. It is possible, since Sephorus, 4 km from Nazareth and the main city of the area, was awash with peoples from all over coming and going.

Anyway, I opened to a quote this morning that is the focus of my morning contemplation.
A man is said to be confirmed in wisdom, when he forsaketh every desire
which entereth into his heart, and of himself is happy and contented in himself.
His mind is undisturbed in adversity, he is happy and contented in prosperity,
and he is a stranger to anxiety, fear and anger.

Non-attachment is recommended by most spiritual paths, or at least simply living in the moment with no wild flights of negative emotions. Whether we realize it or not, we all in our way seek wisdom. Here we are told the way. Sometimes I can say my mind is undisturbed by the dance of life, and then there are other times (less and less thankfully) when I fall into the trap of thinking it is so very important.

I have come to realize that what happens is not so important, but how I and others respond and grow is important. How our consciousness develops as a result of this or that is the point. Who we become as a result of what happens and what we do about them is the crux of the matter. 

This week, an old group of memories rose to my mind, and I see the connection to many things. It is basically that my mother often, indeed very often, told me "you don't feel that way." This response came I suppose every time she didn't want to deal with my feelings or when they differed from hers, which it turns out was the majority of times. After a huge number of repeats of this scenario, I began to doubt my own feelings, which led me to make some seriously bad choices. I didn't always listen carefully to my intuition, and went down too many dark alleys, so to speak. I numbed a big part of myself. I suppose we've all said several times  - I knew I shouldn't have done that.

Eventually, intuition kept getting stronger in spite of this, yes. But I didn't realize until this week that the old message still rang and bounced of the walls of my consciousness. I have to claim my own feelings and intuitions, for without them I cannot be confirmed in wisdom. So much guidance comes via intuition, which requires my attention to it with my full self.

Today, I affirm:

I claim my own feelings and complete awareness of my intuition. I let go old blockages and send them into the Light for transformation into full awareness.

I rejoice in every moment of healing in my life. I give thanks for all insights. I welcome intuition. Lord, I listen with my entire self and am contented.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pondering I John 4:16

"God is love and whoever remains in love, remains in God and God in him [her]."
Read 1 John 4 7-22 to fully grasp John's emphasis on love.

This morning I was contemplating this saying from the Bible. I was thinking that whenever I step outside of Love, I also step out of God, or at least my awareness of God. I know that wherever I am, God is, for God is everywhere present, unlimited, infinite. But what happens when I step outside of Love, my awareness shifts and I no longer am aware of that Divine Presence. A brain cloud, a veil, something appears to separate us.

In what ways do we step out and not remain in Love and therefore not in God? Let's see: anger, hatred, lack of compassion, judgmentalness, selfishness, rejection of others, spitefulness, dishonesty, lack of forgiveness, and all of the many negative choices we can make. Oh yes, and our many excuses and reasons and justifications are part of our steps out of Love .

Since God is Love, (affirmed by Bible, other scriptures, philosophers and just about anyone in the know), I am obliged to do my best to remain in Love, and when I notice I've slipped out, then turn around (repent) and embrace unconditional Love.

It's not always easy. I must Love even though the other is raging. I must have compassion even though the other is hurling judgments. I must Love when on the mountaintop and when in the valley. 

I have often said that the one common mission of all who come to earth is to learn how to Love, unconditionally Love, and therefore remain in God. It is not always the easy path, but it is the path our soul cries out to walk. We came here partially to learn to Love and remain in God no matter what circumstances dance around us, no matter what bitter disappointments, no matter how grim it looks -Love, Love, Love unconditionally. Our job is to have compassion and shine God's Love throughout our lives.

It is challenging and it is worth it. I fail. I pick myself up. I Love again. Over and over and over again, I pick myself up and pull myself into Love. Nowadays, it is the most frequent choice, Love is almost on automatic now. In the valley I have been walking, Love is what has kept me from crumbling. Love will lead me out of the valley as long as I remain in Love, with God. What about you?