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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I started Michener's book, "The Source," yesterday. So far it takes place in a fascinating archaeological dig. It led my mind back to my anthropology teacher who prided herself on having gone on digs and various fascinating expeditions with Margaret Mead. Then my mind was led to the commitment of sincere archaeologists and other scientists to the quest in search of more information and truth, That quest requires all false assumptions to drop away when incontrovertible evidence shows otherwise.

But then I saw in panorama the faces and voices of argument over things that really are incontrovertible. Polarized, they speak passionately with religious fervor, angry at the upstarts that dare take the other view. Then I saw ordinary folks doing the same thing over various issues.

It seems to me that some people do not want to quest for the truth, but rather simply memorize some position or the other that someone else put out there. A quest might be too disturbing, too tiring, too dangerous to the memorized belief.

So here I am, questing after spiritual truth, willing to let go that which proves itself false. Few are strong enough to go on such a dangerous quest, dangerous to old legends and myths and memorized positions that came from someone who stated thus and so somewhere in the long past.

I mourn the fading critical thinking skills. I mourn the addiction to having things settled, even if they are wrong. I mourn those who stick to whatever it is, long after it has been proven false. We have our own believers that echo those who once believed fervently that the earth was flat and also the center of the universe. The modern believers  may not accept those falsehoods, but they have their own false beliefs and defend them self-righteously.

I mourn those who speak love but live judgment and hate. I mourn those who think God is some giant in a bed-sheet with a lightening bolt in his hand, and who has to be alert for a guy in a red outfit and pitchfork. I mourn those who quiver in fear over new ideas, new discoveries and open highways to greater understanding of life. I mourn those who burn books in their minds, refusing to read or consider anything other than their decided worldview.

In my understanding at this point of my development, I know that God is Love and we are called to Love - everyone. Enfolded in God's Love, we do not fear to quest into new understandings. God Infinitely, Joyously leads on the sincere questers to fields of knowledge, understanding and thrill so immense, surprisingly and glorious one wonders why the years spent in resistance seemed so important.

Let's quest into the archaeology of our beliefs, fearlessly and with excitement.

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