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Monday, July 13, 2015

Another Perspective

I like to look at life and spirituality from many points of view. One I have loved comes from Hinduism which is the oldest continuously practiced religion on earth. It is the Bhagavad Gita, and sometimes when reading it, I think Jesus quoted from it. It is possible, since Sephorus, 4 km from Nazareth and the main city of the area, was awash with peoples from all over coming and going.

Anyway, I opened to a quote this morning that is the focus of my morning contemplation.
A man is said to be confirmed in wisdom, when he forsaketh every desire
which entereth into his heart, and of himself is happy and contented in himself.
His mind is undisturbed in adversity, he is happy and contented in prosperity,
and he is a stranger to anxiety, fear and anger.

Non-attachment is recommended by most spiritual paths, or at least simply living in the moment with no wild flights of negative emotions. Whether we realize it or not, we all in our way seek wisdom. Here we are told the way. Sometimes I can say my mind is undisturbed by the dance of life, and then there are other times (less and less thankfully) when I fall into the trap of thinking it is so very important.

I have come to realize that what happens is not so important, but how I and others respond and grow is important. How our consciousness develops as a result of this or that is the point. Who we become as a result of what happens and what we do about them is the crux of the matter. 

This week, an old group of memories rose to my mind, and I see the connection to many things. It is basically that my mother often, indeed very often, told me "you don't feel that way." This response came I suppose every time she didn't want to deal with my feelings or when they differed from hers, which it turns out was the majority of times. After a huge number of repeats of this scenario, I began to doubt my own feelings, which led me to make some seriously bad choices. I didn't always listen carefully to my intuition, and went down too many dark alleys, so to speak. I numbed a big part of myself. I suppose we've all said several times  - I knew I shouldn't have done that.

Eventually, intuition kept getting stronger in spite of this, yes. But I didn't realize until this week that the old message still rang and bounced of the walls of my consciousness. I have to claim my own feelings and intuitions, for without them I cannot be confirmed in wisdom. So much guidance comes via intuition, which requires my attention to it with my full self.

Today, I affirm:

I claim my own feelings and complete awareness of my intuition. I let go old blockages and send them into the Light for transformation into full awareness.

I rejoice in every moment of healing in my life. I give thanks for all insights. I welcome intuition. Lord, I listen with my entire self and am contented.

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