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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pondering I John 4:16

"God is love and whoever remains in love, remains in God and God in him [her]."
Read 1 John 4 7-22 to fully grasp John's emphasis on love.

This morning I was contemplating this saying from the Bible. I was thinking that whenever I step outside of Love, I also step out of God, or at least my awareness of God. I know that wherever I am, God is, for God is everywhere present, unlimited, infinite. But what happens when I step outside of Love, my awareness shifts and I no longer am aware of that Divine Presence. A brain cloud, a veil, something appears to separate us.

In what ways do we step out and not remain in Love and therefore not in God? Let's see: anger, hatred, lack of compassion, judgmentalness, selfishness, rejection of others, spitefulness, dishonesty, lack of forgiveness, and all of the many negative choices we can make. Oh yes, and our many excuses and reasons and justifications are part of our steps out of Love .

Since God is Love, (affirmed by Bible, other scriptures, philosophers and just about anyone in the know), I am obliged to do my best to remain in Love, and when I notice I've slipped out, then turn around (repent) and embrace unconditional Love.

It's not always easy. I must Love even though the other is raging. I must have compassion even though the other is hurling judgments. I must Love when on the mountaintop and when in the valley. 

I have often said that the one common mission of all who come to earth is to learn how to Love, unconditionally Love, and therefore remain in God. It is not always the easy path, but it is the path our soul cries out to walk. We came here partially to learn to Love and remain in God no matter what circumstances dance around us, no matter what bitter disappointments, no matter how grim it looks -Love, Love, Love unconditionally. Our job is to have compassion and shine God's Love throughout our lives.

It is challenging and it is worth it. I fail. I pick myself up. I Love again. Over and over and over again, I pick myself up and pull myself into Love. Nowadays, it is the most frequent choice, Love is almost on automatic now. In the valley I have been walking, Love is what has kept me from crumbling. Love will lead me out of the valley as long as I remain in Love, with God. What about you?

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