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Sunday, February 13, 2022

God's Creation

Yesterday at the meditation workshop, I asked everyone to go outside and find a leaf, a flower, a tree, etc. and spend time just being with it. They then shared insights.

This morning I awoke with a mental picture of a plant, maybe a weed, but with leaves and flower growing up through a tiny crack in the asphalt on a freeway. I thought of the will of life to express, to let.

Then I thought of the power of God's creation and how it is greater than human creation and "wins" at least eventually. Leave a house empty for very long, and insects and animals and weather will start breaking it down. Leave a tiny crack in a road, and soon life will emerge, as if thumbing nature's nose at the mighty road builders.

In this secular world of these times, perhaps it is time to turn from the gods of the secular, which turn out to be temporary, to the Divine, to the Creator, to The More.

Look around and see - and you will see evidence of a Divine Presence. Look deeply into a rose for 10 minutes, and you will know something More. Watch a snail amble across the soil for even 5 minutes, and you will know something More. Sit on the grass and be with a tree for just a few minutes, and you will know something More.

Take the sacred back and let the secular recede.

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