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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Eucharist

On the plane back, I was musing about the Eucharist and what it means and what it means to me personally.

I was thinking about how the blood was thought to be the life force of the person in olden days, even in the animals - they bled the animals before eating to make them kosher, edible. Of course there was more to kosher than that, but that was part of it.

One way to look at taking the wine in communion is that I am taking in the life force of Christ. It is mingling and becoming part of the very fabric of me. I become part of Christ's life force. I am to carry on His work to best of my ability.

One way to look at taking the bread is that I am taking in the substance of Christ so that it becomes part of me and I part of the body of Christ. My body becomes part of His body.

Thinking of this, I feel a great many of things. I feel responsibility to show up more fully as Christ's light and love in this world. I feel very humble. I feel love.

I am pretty clear there is more for me to do here on earth. I want what I do to be done in such a way that it points to God. Jesus always gave God the credit, not taking it for himself. Jesus shows us the way to God, the way to live, the way to transparently shine God's light into this world. I shall endeavor to more fully follow the ultimate way set down for us.

Father, lead us to live as You would have us live and be as You would have us be. As we become more and more awake to being part of the body of Christ, help our thoughts, words and actions give homage to that honor. Help us shine the Light into our lives. Help us be the persons You had in mind when You created us. We surrender into You. In the name of Christ we seal this in faith as we say, Amen.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Long Time

It's been awhile since I wrote. We've been incredibly busy, then I couldn't get in to the blog to write. Seems like some sort of mix up with emails. Anyway, finally got in this morning. I still don't know how to get the correct email to always show up. I'm working on it. Anyway...

I am filled with Thanksgiving at this wonderful time of year. We spent the week with my husband's family in Kansas City area. It was such a fabulous week! We didn't even have any problems at the airports --- all the news about invasive checks didn't apply for us. Everyone was great all along the way.

This morning I am glowing in the reconnection with family in various forms. We got to be with my sister in law, brother in law and nephew (my deceased husband's family). We hadn't been together in such a long time. My heart was full and overflowing. I wondered why we had not gotten together for so long.

My husband's sister and brother and families were balm to my soul. I feel so blessed for them and the time we spent together. And, we got to be with my husband's mother, which was also special.

Family is a great treasure. It is one worth guarding and protecting. I pray that I will do a better job of that from now on.

In the end, we have memories, then when that fades, we have the development of our souls by what we did and chose in life.

God, help me be a good steward of the remainder of my life. Keep me alive and alert to You and Your Guidance. Give me the strength and courage to walk as You would have me walk. Thank you for hearing my prayer. I let go and welcome Your working in my life. Amen