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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Note for My Grandchildren

My beloved grandchildren, I pray that one day you will find my blog and website and books and discover who your grandmother was. I leave a bit so that you can know something about someone who loves you with all of her heart. My DNA is in you, and so part of me lives on in you. The DNA of our ancestors is dancing in you too. It could be interesting to you to find out what influences are at work in you from your family that has gone before you.

It was a deeply painful day when you were taken from my life. It was over a misunderstanding, misinformation and decisions made on this lack of clarity. Even these years later. I can scarcely believe it happened. I hold no anger, for Christ taught us to forgive and to love. I know that such cruelty and rage come from someone who has some inner work to do, so I pray daily for your father. I miss you and weep often. I wonder how you are, where you are and if you think of me.

I pray you express the wondrous gifts that God has placed in you. I pray you have a fabulous life. I pray that joy and love and wisdom and peace walk with you.

If you find this little blog before I leave this life, I hope and pray you will find me and once again we can hug and talk and do loving and happy things together. If not, know that I have joined the cloud of witnesses watching over you. My love is with you always.

God bless you and keep you.

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