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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Election Day and Beyond

Tuesday we vote in America. It is a turning point for us. On one hand we could go towards more socialism and government control, some even say toward communism. On the other hand, we could go toward our Constitution and our American way of life and values of freedom, success, individual worth and ability.

I confess, I care too much. I have been very emotional over it all. I have been close to people who have had other kinds of government than the kind we've had and heard the horror stories. I will weep with sorrow at the passing of our way of life if the election goes to the first group I mentioned above. I will dance with hope if the second group wins.

It has been made clear to me, that I need to spend more time apart from the gyrations of such things and turn my focus upon the creativity that surges in me and the spiritual path that has quickened my life and opened understanding. Of course, these two come together in my writings. So I will focus on "finishing" my new book, for one thing and also getting my previous books ready and up on Amazon ebooks and maybe other places.

I have a vision that a channel of light is opening for us and change is about to happen. I have a knowing of being untethered from what has been our usual life and people. The process has been going on for awhile, but only recently have I come to see its pattern and purpose.

Something has been unfolding in our life. I have resisted it. But my inner eyes were closed to it. In the past few weeks, I have been opened to see as I once saw. I no longer resist. God is leading us to the next phase of service in the Light. 

Perhaps I will share more soon. In the meantime, if you are reading this, I encourage you to open to let Spirit show you how what is going on in your life is part of something larger.

Great Spirit, Creator, Friend - I welcome what You show me, how You lead me. I trust You and follow where You lead. I am grateful for Your Presence in my life. You never give up on me. Thank You. I walk forward with Your Light.

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