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Monday, October 2, 2017

Turning It All Around

Turning from the horrendous "news" that bombards us each day can be challenging for sure. I have been pondering what to do to turn this world around from its downward-spiral. And an idea came to me that I am going to share with you here and ask you to be part of it.

World Lay Ministry Team/Task Force of Light

Premise: Together we can do amazing things. We can be a united force to lift and heal. We can be a task force of Light that dispels the darkness. The good people of earth are the vast majority. It is time to stop a tiny minority from wrecking havoc here. It is time to think new thoughts and do new things that support all life on earth.

Requirements to join: Sincere heart for peace. Filled with compassion. Belief in a Higher Power that is Good and Loving. Desire to be part of the lifting of the people of earth. Commitment to non-violence. Willingness to move beyond tribal lines to embrace all of the children of God, all people of earth. A love for our beautiful little blue planet in the corner of the Milky Way.

Tasks: Daily prayer for our planet and its inhabitants. Reach out to help and lift whenever and wherever possible. Seek ways to make a positive difference, remembering even seemingly tiny choices can make a difference. Refuse to let the darkness take over. Check in here weekly for a new prayer and read it prayerfully and thoughtfully, and if appropriate, share it with others and invite them to join.

Pledge: With all of the integrity of my being I promise to do my best to fulfill the requirements, do the tasks and move quietly to lift the people and all inhabitants of earth and earth itself. I promise to monitor my thoughts, words and deeds to focus my life upon peace, compassion and lifting. 

If you agree, say "YES" deep inside. You are now a member. Tell others. Let's turn this planet around.

Prayer for Week

 Source of all being, Divine One, I turn to You this day humbly committing myself to be a member of The Task Force of Light. 

Open my eyes to see what I can do. Grant me the courage to follow the highest and best in all I do and say and think.

With deep love in my heart for this planet and for all of its inhabitants, knowing we all come from One Source, from You, I step into this new way to be. 

I claim peace on earth. Let it be so.

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