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Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Thomas Merton in "New Seeds of Contemplation" has quite an assessment of current life. He said:
The constant din of empty words and machine noises, the endless booming of loudspeakers end by making true communication and true communion almost impossible. Each individual in the mass is insulated by thick layers of insensitivity. He doesn't care, he doesn't hear, he doesn't think. He does not act, he is pushed. He does not talk, he produces conventional sounds when stimulated by appropriate noises. He does not think, he secretes cliches.
Again I say "Wow"!  For the most part, I think there is sadly a great deal of truth in the above quote.

It surely describes the crazed talking heads on television; the wild demonstrators who demonstrate the exact behavior they purport to demonstrate against; the ruling class who make up ever more insane laws; the press who have forgotten facts and integrity; the declining churches who insist on ancient superstitions rather than scholarship and genuine spirituality; the television, films, "games," music and internet who glorify violence and perversions; the bizarre trend to shut up and demonize points of view not aligned with one's own... and I could go on.

Not to depress you do I write this. Rather I write that you may be reminded it is urgent to get out of the din and lead yourself and others to  quiet, thoughtful spirituality.

Seek, be still, journal, heal, love, shine your deep inner light.

Presence of Divine in me, ignite my very being to awaken to You. Lead me to You where my deep inner hunger can only be fed. Grant me courage to turn from frenzied illusions so that I may actually live a genuine life. Walk with me, guide me to true and holy writings and people, so that I may be the person You intended, a person in Your Image. Glorious One, I give thanks, for I know even in this moment a turning began. I place the ancient seal of faith upon these words and all levels of their meaning, Amen, Amen, Amen

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