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Saturday, September 12, 2020

The Story

Once upon a time there was a woman, a woman who questioned and quested.  Pat answers did not satisfy her. In fact, they urged her more profoundly to search, thinking those pat answers were only screens to stop the quest. They were non-answers to keep her from continuing on.

There were many along her path that tried to divert her. Some temporarily succeeded. There were quite a few scary teachers, a few comforters, and a lot of onlookers.

She persisted. She read just about everything, and met oh so many people in oh so many lands. She found some answers. The answers led to more questions in what seemed like a never ending series of partial answers leading to ever more vast questions.

Urged on from a deep spot within, her interiority expanded. Some more full answers peeked around the corner of her path, as if to tease her. And then, plunk, a few fell into her life.

She saw life as a school for soul development, an opportunity to expand so much that more and more of her True Self was set free. She saw the freedom from the shackles of ego, the bondage of false ideas, and the haze blown upon the path of life, a purposeful haze so that a person could stay in the haze for as long as they chose and then choose the time of beginning the awakening. She saw the job is to walk out of all of that and be the True person, the offspring of another dimension, the spiritual dimension, and to shine the Light from there to be a beacon for those still wandering in the haze.

She remembered the call of her brother that echoes through the tunnel of time, "let your light so shine..." That call is for us all.

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