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Thursday, August 26, 2021

It Depends On the Perspective

 This morning I came across this quote from Seth via Jane Roberts.

It is quite true that your physical senses create the reality that they perceive. A tree is something far different to a microbe, a bird, an insect, and a man who stands beneath it.

These words intrigue me.

I have often thought of how our state of consciousness leads us to interpret everything. This morning I began to think about the millions or zillions of worlds currently going on here, on and in this world. 

Each object, each moment are perceived and experienced differently by every living thing, based not only in individual consciousness, but also by species and by the range and kinds of senses available to each species and to the range of senses sometimes diminished within the species. So a blind or deaf person's perceptions and experiences are different than a seeing or hearing person's. A person living deep in a jungle, unaware of modern civilization, perceives and experiences things differently than a person rushing through Central Park.

A mole living beneath the earth perceives and experiences life differently than the soaring eagle. A gnat has a far different life than a squirrel. Etc etc etc.

Back to the tree in the quote above. Each and every living thing that comes by the tree perceives and experiences it in their own unique way, and perhaps differently on different days. What is the tree? Shade? Home? Obstacle? Refuge? Lumber?

Which leads me to say that reality is relative. And yet, historically we humans have fought large and small wars over our particular versions of reality. Maybe we should employ empathy and endeavor to understand other perceptions than our own. 

Think on these things.

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