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Friday, June 19, 2015


For a long time, I have had conflicted feelings about St. Paul. On one hand he is quoted as saying some wonderfully profound things - such as his words on love which I have used so often when performing weddings. On the other hand, he sometimes says some rather strange and even ugly things that are not what I would consider love or from spiritual light. Of course, we are all human and sometimes are not at our best. Then there is the delay from the speeches of 1st century people to the actual writing down of them by someone or other. There are edits and mistranslations, and various interpretations, just look at all the versions of the Bible.

This morning I was reading his statement about testing the spirits and also his words about gifts of the spirit. It just struck me that when someone speaks prophecy in a church or as a psychic, the reaction of various people is different. Not considering the fakes and charlatans, there are people who consistently have been tested by researchers to be able to say amazing things, often with great detail - from history of a person to predictions to messages from beyond. There are those that tune in to the Light and those who fall prey to the shadows of the dark side. There are those who come from pure ego and there are those who come from pure service with no hidden agendas. But then that is true of actions in the outer of life too.

As for me, I have had numerous spiritual experiences in my life, some amazing healings, some visions and some words spoken from seemingly the invisible realm. This week I decided to start making a list. Things keep coming to me, and my list now has reached 30, but some are categories with multiple experiences within that category. I am sure my list will be longer in a short time as memories pop up.

I will share a small example. I was leading a workshop on compassion which requires empathy. One exercise was to pair up, look gently at your partner and just feel their energy, merge with compassion and love spiritually. We ended up with an odd number, so I paired up with someone so she wouldn't be without a partner. I did not know this person. During the exercise, I kept seeing a black August 12 but with sparkling, shooting light all around it. When we concluded the exercise, we spoke to each other about whatever we felt, etc. I told her about this black date and she burst into tears. It turned out that was the date her beloved sister had died. The day was so sad, but the light showed that good came after. She was comforted,

All my life things have come to me. I have no special preparation other than my usual devotional times of prayer and meditation and reading. Until this week, when I read a book by Mark Ireland, I'd not really thought of how the many things I've experienced could fall into both categories of spiritual and psychic, which led me to think of Paul's edict to test the spirits and the gifts of the spirits. And, I saw how it merged. If your tests show you the light, you are having a spiritual or a positive psychic experience. If your tests show darkness, better stop right now, you are in the collective unconscious or some other place of shadow and not spiritual. And if you are not spiritually mature, such excursions into other dimensions can lead to real instability in your mind. I have sadly seen this happen.

If you want to be more intuitive, there are a few suggestion I want to give you. You cannot come from an egotistic place, or ill will be the result. It is essential to sincerely be devoted to God and to only the Highest and the Best, and to participate in regular spiritual practices.

This is all to say, that from countless personal experiences, I know fully and completely that God is with us, those who loved us but have passed on check in on us, angels seek to guide us, we are not alone. We can intuitively tune in to the spiritual realm and know more than is evident on earth in the 3rd dimension, And we can directly commune with God while still on earth. One day we shall pass though a tunnel, have a life review in which we feel the feelings of those we hurt and those we helped, and we shall continue on the journey of awakening until we live always aware of the Presence of God.

As Julian of Norwich said all is well.

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