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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Threads of Life

I keep having a vision today of a person strolling down a sidewalk, coming to a corner and deciding which way to turn or to not turn and walk on. It seems like an extremely minor moment in this person's life. So many of our moments seem extremely minor - shall I get this or that lunch, shall I go to this or that restaurant, shall I go here or there on vacation, shall I stop at Walmart on the way home or go to Target????

Yet each decision means that the people that are seen or met, the scenery, the thoughts, the time used. etc will all be different in each choice.

My future husband, 29 years ago, was curious about the beautiful old church in which I was pastor, and so came to visit. As I joke, I have said that I couldn't get rid of him after that. But he could have chosen some other church, or no church at all. It was a seemingly tiny decision when he made it, yet it changed our lives.

Each of us have millions and millions of possible futures, each dependent on the choices we make, tiny to huge. Often we have no idea that, for example, our fortune is in the elevator, so that whether to take the stairs or the elevator can be a life changing event. We have no idea that by choosing a particular movie, our mind will quicken and come up with a major new idea that can help others. If we would have gone in another movie, we might not have had that inspiration.

We thread our way through life, twisting and turning and sorting and being in new and interesting ways because we choose this not that.We will never know if we chose that not this, if the inspiration would have come another way, if our soulmate would have shown up somewhere else, if the investment expert on the elevator would have been at a cocktail party and we'd have met anyway.

The best I can do, is listen to the Holy Presence and follow the Thread I'm guided to follow, and release all alternate realities that I've not been guided to enter. The art of life is to refine our ability to Listen to Spirit, disregard ego and do the very best we can to be kind, helpful, loving, forgiving and shine the Light wherever we are.

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