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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Discovering The Kingdom of God

To discover the Kingdom of God exclusively within oneself is easier than to discover it, not only there, but also in the outer world of minds and things and living creatures... it is less arduous than the process of inclusion, by which we come to know the fullness as well as the heights of spiritual life.
                    --- Aldous Huxley, "The Perennial Philosophy"
For many of us on the quest, we have moments, even days, when we touch The Kingdom within. Once touched, openings upon openings happen. For some, the quest then does lead to inclusion - God, The Kingdom, Divine Energy, Pure Essence, the Ground of Being is everywhere - in this forest, under this ocean, in this flower, under this rock, in each and every creature, everywhere.

It saddens me that in this mad world, it appears that few go upon the spiritual quest nowadays. The flashing lights of our technological world call from all directions. We are bombarded by someone or the other's version of what is going on almost everywhere on earth, and nowadays beyond. It seems the majority walk away from religion and then from spirituality, or just submit to some one else's assessment of what is so and just follow the rules to maybe get to heaven one day. They have no inkling that heaven is now, for God is now. Heaven is always, for God is always. The Kingdom of Heaven IS within.

We have a burden not held by past residents of this planet. We have news streaming from almost everywhere. How can God be real? people ask, when this awful thing or that awful thing is happening right now before our very eyes. We lose ourselves in virtual reality of games, television and other entertainments. We seem to care more about our fictional families on television than our actual neighbors.We live hours a day in make believe. We are in a mass hypnotic situation. Along with the Zen Master, I shout to the people of earth, WAKE UP!

A question I ask is, why have so many turned away from the known practices that lead to enlightenment, to instead enter the modern frenzy? Those doing terrible things, supposedly in the name of God, are in no way in touch with God. The story of today is a cautionary tale of what happens when an earthful of people are not quiet, not still, not listening, not living Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness and the various fruits of being awake in Spirit.

Can we somehow turn to God? Can we lay down the idiocy, the madness, the destructiveness of trying to go it alone without our Divine Parent's Guidance? Can we turn again to touching the Kingdom within and then to expand to finally realize the Kingdom is everywhere? Can we remember the seed of God is in everyone? When we turn against and harm others, we attack God, we attack our own brothers and sisters, we go against all Spiritual Principles.

Not only must we resist the false teachers, the hypnotic technology, the crazy ideas, etc, but we must proactively turn to time tested spiritual practices such as: meditation, contemplation, prayer, reading a wide variety of all things spiritual as food for our soul, doing acts of kindness, participating in a positive spiritual group, speaking from a deep and loving place, etc.

I have very strong guidance to share these thoughts with whomever is drawn to this blog. May God bless you and lead you on the greatest adventure available on planet earth, the spiritual quest.

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