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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Concern for Today's Seeds

Words, ideas, actions, etc. are seeds that bear fruit. Think of Jesus ' "test" - by the fruits you shall know them. Do we really want the fruits of the seeds we are currently planting?

I see so many hysterical seeds being scattered right now, people operating with pure emotion in charge. In that stage higher cortex functions are inoperable.

Some of the emotional, out of control people consider themselves to be people of faith. what does that mean? Lets think about faith for a minute.

The word faith in its ancient context was fidelitas and fiduciary in Latin and Greek. In relationships with people in business and personally and with God this meant commitment, loyalty, allegiance, attentiveness, and trust.

To a Christian, this means commitment, loyalty, allegiance, attentiveness and trust in and to the God Jesus revealed. It means fidelity, not infidelity.

What we know includes forgiveness, mercy, loving enemies, caring for others as precious stand ins for God (what you do to the least of these, you do to me), unconditional love for God and for all people including oneself, etc.

Let us apply these to our words and actions. Are we living in alignment to the qualities of God revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus? Our goal, if we want to be faithful, is keep honing ourselves into what we know of the life and teachings of Jesus. If/when we do, we will be planting seeds that will bring great fruit. Otherwise we plant seeds of questionable or even evil fruit.

I challenge us to take Jesus seriously by our choices that are aligned with his life and teaching.

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