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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Neil Armstrong, Mile High Swings, and Bits and Pieces of a Life

Yesterday we saw "First Man," about the moon landing, the people involved, the sacrifices, the journey and so much more. My mind kept going to my son and his excitement. In his 8+ years, this was the biggest thing ever. I was there in mind and heart with him again, or was it still with him and that time?

I texted him about that, and he texted back that he had vivid memories of those days of the historic journey, landing and return from the moon.

Last night I dreamt and awoke with snatches of memories of moments of my life. I mused before getting up, memories rolling off my mind as if I were there still. There was the tall, tall, tall swing my daddy made me of pipe and chain and wooden seat that took me on wide arches up to the blue and back, surely a mile high to the little girl I was. Yet she is still in me, still swinging to the heavens and back. There was the tetherball pole my daddy erected at which I played many hours.

There were memories of my children, of places and tbings, as in Alice, of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings. Memories of glorious  momments, of hideous moments, of joys and terrors. They came to me neutrally with me simply observing

I began to see that one way to look at my life (our lives) could be that all of it is going on, simultaneously, all of it. Mixed together in some unknown way it creates Marlene 2018.10.14.

Yet there is More. I am not just a bag of earthly memories. There is the more of me that is part of The More. There is the knowing that assures me of realities not tethered to, not limited to this physical life. For I have known The Light, I have seen through the veil, I have touched and been guided and instructed and led by The Presence. I am more and more of the time aware of and living in this holy place. It calls me, for my true home is there.

I pray that increasing numbers of my fellow earthly brothers and sisters awaken out of the fog of this life into the Light of God's Infinite Presence, into The Love and Light of the More. I pray this for you.

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