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Monday, June 10, 2019

Preparation for...?

Wednesday we go as delegates from our church to our CalPac Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. We are preparing today, both by packing and prayer.

I wonder just how much one can actually prepare for events, because the future always brings the gift of surprises. I think the best one can do is continually prepare our consciousness to be Awake and Aligned with THE Presence, open to real-time Guidance with the courage to follow It.

This particular Conference has some possible major outcomes. Will we pull out of The United Methodist Church because of last year's decision to exclude the gay community? Or will we stay and work on transformation from within? Either way, this Church will never be the same.

Lord, prepare me in my depths to hear and follow Your Guidance. Prepare all the delegates to come humbly open to You so that the highest and best ensues. Bless the United Methodist Church, leading us to shine Your Light in the best possible way. May Your Will be done.

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