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Monday, September 2, 2019

Trust or Not

It seems to me most of the time we trust. When we trust, we don't worry, we just know it's okay. We don't worry about gravity working, about earth falling out of orbit, about our house flying out into space, about whether or not we will wake up tomorrow, about waking up forgetting who we are, etc. We trust so much, we don't actually even think about it.

We worry about little things mostly. Often we worry about tiny things such as, is my hair ok? Some people have actually big worries - is my child going to survive cancer? Or am I going to get a job? Or is my family safe from the drug epidemic?

When we strengthen our spiritual life, trust takes us through all of these things. I often think of Paul's assertion that all things work together for good for those that love the Lord and are called according to His purposes.

I believe all are called, but all do not listen. Even so, viewing everything as a teacher, it all leads to good. We learn, we grow - at least eventually. Every event in my life has taught me something - how or how not to live, what works or does not work. It leads me to know I can choose wisely or poorly, and there are consequences. Do I want the consequences of this choice? If not, I can choose again.

I trust the process of my life. I can say, thank you for testing me and teaching me. I know I'm not alone. I trust God's presence and Guidance. What a ride it's been and is likely to continue to be.

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