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Monday, September 23, 2019

Individual Spirituality

"A Religion of One's Own" by Thomas Moore is an interesting book. It got me to thinking about how everyone really does have some unique way of relating spiritually. Each of us who are sincere about our spiritual path somehow create our own variation, including those who are part of an established religion as well as those who are not. Some of us create a very distinct religion.

My understanding comes from a lifetime of study, external and internal experiences, touches from something More, serendipities, epiphanies, life itself.

My wounds have opened me in unique ways to beyond where I might have gone without them. My teachers are legion. My interior connections run deep. My creativity comes from something greater than me alone. I know I am a part of the More.

I must confess that I am bored, sometimes irritated, by those who have walked shallowly through their lives, missing the grand adventure of growing into Oneness. I am saddened by those who profess one thing yet live another. I am appalled by those who use their religion as a weapon.

I think a helpful exercise is to begin to clarify one's own religion by writing in a journal. Questions to oneself are a good way to start. What do you know about God from your personal experience? What spiritual practices are most dear to you? What spiritual questions do you have? Where do you feel most connected? Who are your teachers? What do you actually believe? Who are the people with whom you can discuss such things? Where do you want be in your spiritual life? etc....

I urge you to write about these and other questions.

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