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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Richard Rohr Gets Me Thinking - Always

This morning, as I was reading, his writing put into words thoughts that have been rolling around in my mind and got me thinking from a slightly different angle. 

Basically our grandparents (and me because I was born in 1940), and people before them, thought in terms of responsibility, used a language of responsibility. Sometime after 1960 the language people used changed into an egocentric owe me, you hurt me, you did it to me, you offended me. The language switched to victimhood. Lawsuits skyrocketed. Forgiveness was what was called for, but became, I don't know, out of fashion. The fragile ego screams out for justice, but there is nothing that satisfies the ego or can ever satisfy it. The ego cannot rule us if we are to have any degree of freedom and spiritual awareness.

The questions I've been pondering today are - Is there a way to get back to the language of responsibility? Is there a way to get people to want to heal the ego and be able to set foot sincerely on The Path? Is there anything I can do to be of service?

I invite you to join me in contemplating these and associated questions. This is our time on the stage of life. How shall we use it?

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