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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

An Odd Dream

Last night I had an odd dream, rather metaphysical. I suppose it was generated from yesterday's reading of quotes across history and countries about reincarnation.

In the dream I was observing the flow of history and said, "reincarnation only works for the past, not the future." That is, I can see all the array of people I've been, but the future is yet to form, so cannot be seen. 

But then a voice from somewhere said, "That is only if this realm is not a drama/comedy. If you are all playing parts, then the next turn is already written." In a combination of horror and fascination I thought of all the recent talk of this being virtual reality, maybe a hologram. Could that be the root of precognition? Many questions come to mind.

It's not often that a dream gives me such a challenging thought, shaking my reality. 

But then, it was just a dream, but was it?

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