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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Spark of the Divine

For a very long time now, I have taken the words of Meister Eckhart deep into my being - The seed of God is in you, a pear seed turns into a pear tree, a hazel nut into a hazel nut tree, and the seed of God into God.

It led me to my constant teaching about all of us needing to actually KNOW God, the Divine, the More, rather than stop with knowing about God. I have led many seminars, retreats, etc. which aimed at a direct communion. There have been such blessed moments.

Right now I am reading Rufus Jones' book on the Quakers. They were one of the groups with a similar call, although there have been many over the centuries. Sadly, they generally end up losing momentum and inspiration and are dwarfed by "organized religion."

Jones wrote, Religion, they believed, does not rise outside and flow in; it springs up inside and flows out. It is not primarily concerned with books, documents, creeds or institutions. It is rather concerned with the awakening of the divine urge in the utmost depths of the self.

He also points out that this has to be within the context of the times. We cannot recreate first century Christianity, for example, for the culture, the habits, the meanings of words, the worldviews are vastly different from those here in the 21st century. I agree, but then I am drawn to ponder how to offer a way in these times that leads to the flow out of spiritual knowing that comes from precious communion with the More.

I am aware of a yearning hunger, often just under the surface, for genuine personal experience of God in many people. I find ideas swirling around in me, yet because I am old, it is unlikely my task. Perhaps one who reads this blog will be inspired to offer ways to walk that path and water the Divine Seed within. I know my words go where I cannot go. My love comes to you, my siblings in spirit. Do what you can to lift others out of the darkness that comes when Oneness with the More is forgotten.

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