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Thursday, March 4, 2021


I'm reading "After" by Bruce Grayson, a psychiatrist who has extensively studied near death experiences, NDE's. I highly recommend this book. These experiences are near and dear to me.

Christmas 1976 my previous husband had a massive artery break in his brain. As I sat outside of intensive care, I picked up a Reader's Digest that had an article by Raymond Moody on NDES, the first I had heard of them. It explained so much to me. I bought his book and poured over it. 

I recognized the elements of the experiences Even though I had not technically had what might be called an official close brush with death, I had several close calls - pillow smothering, a knife on my throat, extreme emotional distress.

I had met the Being of Light that NDE'S met. I had been told I was not done here. I had lost fear of the next life. I had an extraordinary inner knowing. My experiences were/are in some other category, if anything so profound can be said to have a category.

I know such experiences are a challenge to believe by those who have not had them. If this is true for you, I just ask that you keep an open mind. To actually be assured that life is more than raiment, as Jesus told us, is incredibly freeing, liberating and thrilling.

What I wish everyone could know is that we are more than our bodies, while also being responsible for taking care of our bodies as long as we are here. Our consciousness one day will separate from our bodies and continue on. We will review the good and bad of our lives and experience the pain we have caused others. It is not a judgement so much as it is a learning experience. There are no hell fires or torturing demons out to get us, only our own self-judgement and disappointments. God is love and we are safe.

Peace be with you dear friends. All is well with your soul.

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