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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pentacost Week-end

This week-end we commemorate the entrance of the Holy Spirit into our realm & our lives.

I am so thankful for the comfort, guidance & inspiration of the Holy Spirit over the course of my lifetime. I have been guided into grand adventures, amazing friendships, deep love, a deeper walk with God, books to write, ideas for things to create from dresses to classes & on & on. I have been accompanied & led through dark valleys & bright mountaintops.

One of the interesting things is that I notice that there are times, such as now, when I am both in a dark valley & a bright mountaintop. Today is one of my grandson's birthdays. The only contact I have is through the Holy Spirit. He turns 14. He probably is with lots of other boys who just graduated middle school. Maybe they are having a paintball day. I don't know.

Holy Spirit, whisper my love into my grandson's ear. Let him feel his grandma & grandpa's care & concern. Lift him in all areas of his life. Guide him to be all he can be. Help him to know he is not alone no matter where life may take him. If it is God's will, bring him & his sisters back to us. Take care of them please. 

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