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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stepping Into A New Day

Every day is a new opportunity. It has never been lived before. It is unwritten. It is only hindered by the past if we let it. It can be lived at new heights or new lows. So much of how we live it relies on our own choices.

Sure, I cannot choose the events whirling around me. I cannot choose how others are going to act. I cannot choose the economy for our nation. I can choose my responses to whatever comes, and sometimes I can choose what comes to me personally by how I live my life.

I can resign from any traces of being a victim that may linger in my consciousness. I can choose to turn to God for guidance. I can take charge of myself. I can be held in the center of the storms of life in the arms of Christ. 

So much is up to each one of us as to how we live this life. And one day, I KNOW we will be asked about how we lived it. 

Lord, guide me to rise up today to live a triumphant day in conjunction with You and Your guidance.

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