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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Heart Breaking

I cannot believe the discussions on TV right now. Such things would have been unthinkable until lately. And the fuzzy thinking!!! Is our civilization lost? I cannot help but wonder.

Okay, setting aside for a moment whether or not abortion is okay or desirable even- this discussion of aborting babies in such a way as they can be whole cadavers to sell. WHAT!!! And the discussions about baby body parts, and pictures of arms with hands and tiny fingers torn apart from the rest of the body. And the usual method of abortion of killing the baby before aborting not done as the parts aren't then saleable. And so what does the baby feel when it's being torn asunder?

And then some people trying to make this about a woman's right to choose! REALLY???

CHOOSE! Choose barbarity!!! What is the baby's right?

57 million U.S. babies aborted since abortion became legal. If that doesn't give one pause, then this news about what Planned Parenthood is doing should be making us throw up!

I am heartbroken. It may be I witness the fall of this great civilization. Somebody stand up - enough already.

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