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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

All is Spirit

This morning I read:  By the study of Spirit, we become acquainted with Spirit and realize that the trees are in reality Spirit, whispering great secrets of how to be happy and free. We realize that the men and women on the streets of restlessness are Spirit. In Truth, they are walking secrets of the splendor of God.

Oh yes. God's Presence is everywhere, fully, always. Creation is made of Divine Substance. Trees in particular have always been special to me, having "spoken" to me in times of sorrow and times when Guidance has been sorely needed or at least have been intimately at the center of such times.

The preciousness of life and the gift of life on earth are sometimes overlooked or taken for granted. Yet, if we practice looking in the mirror and at each person who passes by and at each person who is for a time in our lives, if we look deeply, we see sparkles of something amazing, and if we look deeply enough with an open heart, we do see at least a bit of the splendor of God.

I know, KNOW, that God is present wherever we are. You may use another name, Divine Spirit, the One, the Way, the Source, Jehovah, Higher Power or whatever - but it is the same Presence of which we speak.

Let me share one time a tree helped me. My husband had died suddenly of an aneurysm in the brain a few weeks before, and I went to the mountains on a retreat led by my husband's psychologist, My parents kept my children.

I was too distraught to really participate in the psychological games, so I went outside and sat on something, maybe a rock. I spent a long time looking at one particular pine tree, just sort of being with it. I saw birds come and go, I saw one building a nest. I saw butterflies, squirrels, and various insects coming and going. I saw some crawling up the tree and some scurrying around the roots. It was quite an active community centered on "my" tree.

Finally in agony, I shouted out mournfully - "why did he have to leave?" And a voice, from somewhere, maybe the tree, said, "Your life is like this tree. Some just caress your branches and move on quickly, some stay awhile and build a nest, some just scurry around the edge of your life, but none stay for the whole journey. The only person that is with you from birth to death is yourself. And I am with you always."

That was a life transforming moment that I carry in my heart and treasure always.

Let us look deeply and see the splendor of God wherever we are in our journey. Another life transforming moment is being prepared this very second,

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