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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Truth Puzzle

From my first memories, I notice I've had an inquiring mind. There is something in me that wants to know, wants to figure things out, wants the Truth. My wired-in mindset has led me to some very interesting places.

Sometimes I walk right into conflict. Most of it is the clash between the search for truth and others' need to maintain their bias/ignorance/rules/ideology. My understanding is that the Great Infinite Intelligence that created/creates/re-creates all that is, is not offended by my/our questions and sincere search/quest. We finite beings cannot encompass Infinite, so all we "know" is only a tiny shard of all that is. We can keep walking onward to ever larger schards, or stand still or go backwards in the service of limited, "safe," shards clouded by immobility and ignorance.

At the same time, we cannot expect to know it all. We can only choose to know more, understand more, express more of who we are, love more. We will not arrive at the final destination of Infinite me. However, by letting go of the mental bindings we have acquired, we can bound into a new sense of freedom and the joy of the quest.

One of my joys is and has been to engage in spiritual, philosophical conversation with others on the open-minded, open-ended quest for increasing understanding and truth. We aim to know Truth, and inch along gathering up more and more bits of it, discarding bits that once seemed true, but now we see are not. We are works in progress as are our understandings. We are not attached to our current understandings, for we know that what we know is a tiny shard, so we go forward to more.

There is an exhilarating freedom walking along this quest path. I wish for us all this freedom. For my friends all over the world walking with me, I send you my joy and wishes for ever bigger pieces of the puzzle of life on earth. Thank you for walking with me.

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