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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lazy Days - Daze

Today is a lazy day that puts me into a bit of a daze. We got up a bit after 6. Looking out the window I saw gray skies and a break in our much-needed rain. I read for awhile in "Birth of Christianity." At 8 we switched on the TV and watched Chris Wallace. We ate a few bites and showered and dressed. Off to church we went. Our Prayers and Squares group had quilts number 45, 46 and 47 up for blessing (we only began in April, 2016). We went for breakfast, I had blueberry pancakes with fresh blueberries. I bought some white fabric for a project I dreamed about last night. We came back and Gilbert is excitedly watching the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys struggle to go on toward the Superbowl. I worked on a flier, some bookmarks and other computer things. I cut fabric for the next paper piecing project. Nothing special, just another day. Hmmm, but wait...

Of course, it really is special. It's an amazing gift. Life on earth. Life on this whirling blue and white marble hurling through space at tremendous speeds. Life in this body that is somehow turning those blueberry pancakes into cells all over my body. Material things actually mostly empty space with fast streaks of light and energy making it seem solid.  Life lived in the Presence of God. It's magic. It's miraculous. It's astounding. It seems impossible that all of this exists the way it exists. Every millisecond is beyond fabulous, marvelous, incredible. It's beyond what any words can say.

How should we be so blessed to have entered into this reality? How amazing that we have been chosen to be here.

And, I'm sure all of this also implies we have a responsibility to treat all of these miracles tenderly and carefully. We turn our attention to our own lives, bodies and affairs to deal with ourselves respectfully and lovingly. But, we cannot stop there. We are to treat all of our brothers and sisters, all of the species of animals and plants, the planet itself - with care and respect. All of it is part of the miracle, all is sacred.

Oh my, dear God - what a place this is, what a creation You have made. Thank You for giving us this opportunity. Lead us to treat all of it with a loving and sacred touch. Help us to remember and live aware and awake to the miracle of it all. Help us to stay conscious that we really do live and move and have our being in You - as do all inhabitants of this incredible earth.

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