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Thursday, January 26, 2017

An Odd Morning

This morning, waking up, yet between here and somewhere, not totally awake to this day -- I had experiences and thoughts flowing past that were unusual for me.

  • My life has been bizarre, it seemed to me. So many strange things have happened. Some of them floated by for me to see again.
  • Well, so has everyone else had many strange experiences, at least according to stories they have told. This earth has been, and is, a place of contradictions and spiritual insight stretched very thin.
  • How do I know something is bizarre, strange, not quite right? How do I measure? What do I have to measure it against in order to judge it so?
  • Flashes - vague memories of somewhere, another place or dimension, where life is NOT bizarre.
  • Realization that a lot of my life has been lived in an observer position where I see patterns - patterns of behavior, of choices, of societies, of individuals. I know more from such observations than others seem to know who do not see patterns.
  • There is a place that is sane. Great spiritual lights have spoken of it. Jesus said the kingdom is here and we must look within. Others talk of the "next" place we shall go, or the place from which we came before we came to earth.
  • I saw myself pregnant. Since I am too old for that to be literal, I realized that I am to birth something - ideas, writings. I saw that the physical things I create are temporary and perish easily, while ideas can go on and on, especially with the internet and the "experts" saying nothing can actually be erased from it. Then there is the collective unconscious that houses all thoughts through all time, and that cannot be destroyed as far as we know.
  • It was as if an opaque glass cracked and I saw through the cracks to another kind of life. The lens of life being so violent/bizarre/self-destructive through which many peer into this earthly experience needs to crack and then fall.
  • Something new is about to "pop" forward.

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