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Friday, September 7, 2018

The Gift of Life

I was pondering this morning how strange and marvelous life is. We reside in our bodies, knowing that we are definitely more than our bodies, and knowing that our bodies are wearing down to the point that one day we will return them to earth out of which they are made. And we are more.

The more of life has been considered from the distant light of the humans in antiquity to this day. Pneuma, Soul, Divine Spark, child of God and other names have been given to the mysteriousness of that more. Our essence exists and doesn't seem quite definable.  We sense it, sometimes are aware of it, but we have a challenge to speak of it in any meaningful way.

How did we come to "possess" it? What is it and how did we get it?

Is it a gift? Is it a curse? Is it one of the phases through which a soul must pass?

If it is a gift of Divine Grace, for what are we expected to use it? Are we stewards of it in some way? Do we have an assignment, a mission, a purpose? Are we held accountable for this life? Are we then punished by our mistakes rather than later for them?

Considering the more of us can lead us to interesting and challenging thoughts. Perhaps how we answer the questions varies according to our own uniqueness, for we are one of a kind, crafted beautifully and although part of all that is, we are a single individual --- in many ways part and yet also a one of a kind. Perhaps all answers lead to paradoxes, so that the important part is to question and think and assess and wake up every so slightly daily until aha, we are AWAKE.

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