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Thursday, December 5, 2019


We just returned from doing a variety of errands in several parts of town. I spent some time observing people, and was sad to see so many unhappy, angry or defeated faces and bodies.

The majority of people had no sparkle in their eyes or spring to their steps. I saw sad faces, downcast, shoulders stooped, and stomachs as if punched in. I saw angry faces, disgusted faces, blank faces. I saw so many who looked like they had given up on life and were just going through the paces.

Of course I also saw some sparkly eyes of people full of the zest of life. However, they were definitely in the minority.

I wondered what made the majority give up??? Was there a final straw? Were they more sensitive to negative experiences than those who hadn't given up?

I certainly have had a ton of deeply distressing experiences over the entire course of my life, but I refuse to let "them" win. Perhaps it's my faith that lifts me through it all. Perhaps it's all the forgiveness work I've done. Perhaps I have an optimist gene.

I'd like to be able to lift the defeated, heart-sick, downcast sisters and brothers. That's not the way to live on this gorgeous planet. Every moment is pregnant with possibilities. No matter the current circumstances, there are positive choices that can be made. Hope can bring light into seemingly dark corners.

I send love and light to all co-inhabitants of our beautiful planet. May the Joy of the Divine fill one and all. May defeat turn into celebration. This is the day to shine. Walk into the day as The Light. BE contageous with uplifting energy. Let's lift each other. To God be the glory.

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