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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Confucius Says

I've long appreciated the aphorisms of Confucius. This morning I read this one:
When abroad, behave as though you were receiving an important guest. When employing the services of the common people, behave as though you were officiating at an important sacrifice. Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire. In this way, you will be free from ill will whether in the state or in a noble family. --- Confucius 551-479 BCE

The goal he set for himself and his students was transcendence of ego and therefore birth of kindness and compassion.  I remember years ago reading a similar thing of his where he suggested we act as a gracious host/hostess wherever we are. I have endeavored to live in this mindset. It has made me feel at home in widely divergent situations.

Today is Christmas Eve, so it may seem strange to you that I quote Confucius on such a day. I believe awakened people tune into the same Divine Presence and so mostly agree with one another, with some slight variations due to culture and times. It seems to me that Jesus would agree with the above quote, for example.

In this special day, what if we all lived kindness in every interaction - the Christian Golden Rule and Confucius ' aphorism? What if we realized the holiness at the center of all creation? How quickly could this world turn around?

On this holy night, may the spark of God ignite in me and lead me to live as a person awake in You. Flow the glow of Your Love through me to all. Let the Christ Presence live and move through me. Lead me beyond ego to You.

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