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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A Blessed Christmas To You

The potential today is for sincere seekers to birth the Cosmic Christ, to attune to the subtle Presence of the Divine seeded in each and every being. Of course this is a daily possibility, but today with so many focused on the birth of Jesus and his meaning, the energies are heightened.

Without our attention and choices, potential remains potential. We perhaps need to ask ourselves some questions such as:

  • What would my life look like if my ego issues were healed?
  • Am I truly ready and willing to choose peace, nonviolence, empathy, compassion, and wisdom every moment of every day?
  • Am I ready to listen and see and hear at a higher level?
  • Am I ready to spend daily time in the silence, in reading writings of inspired individuals, in contemplation, in nature?
  • Do I welcome the Mind that was in Christ Jesus to be in me?
If so, let's pray.

This day I turn to my inner core, to the seed of the Divine forever within. I pour upon that precious seed the waters of my faith in the name of all that I am now and all that I am yet to be. I wish for the seed to sprout and grow and bear fruit. I align myself with all that is holy and turn away from all that is unholy and false. I am here Lord, committing myself with all integrity to this rebirth.  

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