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Tuesday, September 14, 2021


There are so many ways of art. 

  • Our lives are an art that we develop during the journey. Hopefully, we become more gracious, radiant and joyful as we move along the path of this life. We artfully express the inner light, as we open more and more to the Divine.
  • The various physical manifestations of art are huge. The gardener creates a beautiful garden. The farmer creates beautiful fields with delicious foods. The builder creates useful and often stunningly beautiful buildings. The poet creates poems that touch us at many levels. The artist portrays his or her vision. etc etc etc.
  • Indeed, all of our creations are some sort of art, from the ugly to the beautiful, from the macabre to the divine, from the unremarkable to the magnificent.
Last night I was teaching about drawing on fabric. I found myself often saying that I saw the idea in the shower or while walking or..., and then I drew it. The often humorous drawings came to me, rather than than me creating them out of some sort of effort.

This led me to think about how life in general is like that, when we relax and are open to inspiration, ideas come wafting in, or maybe sometimes come in a gallop. But they come without effort. From where do they come? Maybe from various places - from our subconscious, from our superconscious, from the collective unconscious, from spirit guides or guardian angels, from our over soul, from God. It depends on a lot of things.

I can tell you, that the more we honor these gifts, the more they come. The more we spend quiet time, time with a tree or flower or something natural, the more they come. We are a lightening rod for ideas, if we accept rather than reject them.

So once again, I urge you to open to The More, thereby increasing the artfulness of your life. Lighten up with The Light.

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