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Saturday, October 30, 2021

You Are an Artist

You create your experience and participation and input into life.

Artists begin with the same materials and implements - pigments and canvas and medium and brushes and palette knives, etc. They each create a range of paintings. Some create mediocre, dull paintings and some create brilliant and great works of art.

We all begin with our life force and our bodies and our ideas and experiences, our humanity. Some of us create and live dull lives, some magnificent lives, and everything in between. Some start with apparent advantages, yet we see magnificent lives all through history who started with no seeming advantages.

As with artists who only bloom late in life, such as Grandma Moses, as long as we have breath, it is not too late for us. At any moment, we can open to be and do more.

I know that Spirit whispers in our souls always, and when we listen, we are guided to surprising places, doing more than we previously could imagine. 

Imagine with me for a moment that God created you to be here on earth in this time and place to be an artist with your life. Not necessarily be a literal artist who paints or sculpts, but an artist who creates something lovely with your life. Think of your childhood dreams and interests, they can be a clue to what your art is to be. Before family and society may have diverted you, what were your dreams? You can turn in that direction today.

Now imagine your life, from entry here to exit, as an epoch painting with every detail in living color. When you exit earth, you present this painting, this life, to God. Ask yourself, am I creating the painting I want to present to God? Can I proudly say, "I did the absolute best with the tools of life that You gave me."?  If not, this very day begin the next section of your life painting that you will gladly present to God. Because of Grace, of Forgiveness, the shining part will be what matters. 

You are the artist of your life. The rest of your life is yet to be painted. Make it a beautiful ending.

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