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Sunday, November 8, 2009


We saw the movie about the life of Coco Channel. I was drawn back to my original dreams of my long gone childhood. I had 3 passions: spirituality, sewing & art. Most of the time I wanted to be a fashion designer or a missionary or an artist. My mother & life re-directed me from the full realization of the dreams I held so vividly

I in some measure I did all three, even though not to the fullest expression that maybe could have been. I have taught about God & forgiveness & spirituality in other countries (missionary) & was a senior pastor something like 22 years. I have sewn a huge number of garments & quilts for friends, family & self. I have painted some pretty good paintings.

But here I am in my "old age" & wondering how I can combine the 3 original passions of my life. I have been exploring combining them in quilting. I've pieced traditional quilts, & I enjoy that. But even more enjoyment comes from sort of art quilts. I've done 2 quilts where I printed a picture out of my computer onto cloth sections, pieced them together, made details in various colors of permanent ink, pieced borders, quilted & thread painted them. I've done 2 quilts where I drew an enlarged copy of a photo onto muslin & made collages of little pieces of cloth, then defined a bit with inks, made borders & quilted & thread painted them. I have uploaded these 4 for you to see. One photo my son took in Africa this summer. One photo I took of my husband & granddaughter. The angel & Jesus were originally found on Google images. I don't think they are copy written, but I'm not planning to sell them & am only experimenting.

Anyway, I think I shall explore these things more fully & see how well I can combine my original 3 passions. I think I will have done more of my life's mission if I can succeed.

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