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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Been Awhile

My life has gotten rather busy, not quite hectic but really, really scheduled.

We went to Switzerland for almost 2 weeks. It was really cold. I am thankful for down coats! It was a great trip. I took my laptop because the Swiss, German, Belgian keyboards drive me nuts. Letters and punctuation are in different places, so I keep getting strange words. When my husband was in some meetings, I thought that I would be able to write a bit. However, when I opened this blog, all of the tabs, directions, etc. were in German. I tried to click on some & figure it out, but was unsuccessful. It was bizarre. The words I had written were in English, all else was in German. Interesting experience.

Then we went up to the Central Coast of California for one of our granddaughters' 16th birthday. That was fun. She had 17 girls in the 16 year range. They are all wonderful girls, leader types. Just to brag a moment, our granddaughter is the #2 student in her high school! They had a scavenger hunt, pizza party and sleep over. They slept little, and most had to be up to take a college entrance practise test at 8 in the morning! Ah to be young.

I am involved maybe too much in various community things, so that I have way too many meetings. I seem to be busier than before I retired.

And I'm writing a new book for my next trip to Russia. Evelina & I think that we'll postpone the trip to the 1st half of September. In May we are babysitting for our 3 grandchildren in the Central Coast while our son returns once again to his work in Africa. This time they are working on a school they want to finish in Sierra Leone.

I'll tell you more about the book soon. I should have a free minute in the near future. Right now I have someone coming for a spiritual healing and consultation.

May God bless you and lead you into Light with every step of your life.
Love, Marlene

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