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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eckhart on Cleaving to God

To the man who cleaves to God, God cleaves and adds virtue. Thus, what you have sought before, now seeks you; what once you pursued, now pursues you; what once you fled, now flees you. Everything comes to him who truly comes to God, bringing all divinity with it, while all that is strange and alien flies away.

In many ways, I can say that this has been my experience, except with one pattern that seems outside of this truth. I'll discuss that seeming exception another time. Let me just say that throughout my life I have attracted to me a small series of people who have been difficult teachers for me; people who seem to have their darkness drawn out of them when in my presence. But that is not the subject of today.

So, it seems to me that Meister Eckhart is saying that the more we turn to God, the more God turns to us. Perhaps there is a tipping point, when we have turned so much that we are more or less permanently turned, and we experience God in our lives fairly consistently. At first it may have been an effort as we rose out of our pain and sense of separation from God. Eventually it becomes more and more natural until it is the way we are. The darkness flies away. It has no home in the Light.

I have turned to God ever since I can recall. Even when I was a child, my mother said that I was so spiritual it scared her. After decades of devotion to study, prayer, meditation, spiritual practices such as forgiveness, I can say that I am a different person. Once the pain was so immense it was hard to rise above. Only with the help of my brother, Jesus, was I able to navigate those times. Nowadays is quite different for the most part. Most of the time my mind is still, without that out of control mind racing about. I receive guidance in the shower just as easily as in prayer. I watch the dramas of others in fascination as they struggle to find God under the emotion packed story of their lives, remembering my own struggle. Each moment is an opportunity to deepen my walk with God, to learn more, to heal more, to give something of benefit to wherever I find myself. I wonder what next vista is about to unfold on this journey of awakening. I am incredibly thankful to find myself where I am, and very excited about where I shall be as I continue to turn to God. What will God draw to me next? I trust and walk forward.

Dear heavenly Father, I have not thanked You enough for the guidance, comfort and strength You have given me these 70 years. Out of deep darkness and pain You have led me. Together we have walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Today I know You in a very personal way. Thank You, God. I turn to You daily, moment by moment. Lead me to be the person You created me to be, to do the things that glorify You and lead others to You, even as I am led even closer into Your divine heart. With uplifted soul, I give you thanksgiving and welcome Your will in my life. I seal this with the ancient seal of faith, Amen, Amen & Amen.

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