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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Force of Nature or God's Fault?

It fascinates me that "natural disasters" produce questions such as Why did God do this? 

It seems to me that God created our universes & set them up with various natural laws that work the way they always work. Gravity remains constant, so if we jump off a skyscraper, it is not God's "fault" when we hit the pavement below. Rivers overflow from time to time, so if we build in a river valley, it is not God's "fault" when our house is underwater. Faults in the earth slip & create earthquakes, more often in some areas than others, so if we build on top of an earthquake fault, & an earthquake destroys our home, it is not God's "fault".

But, God did also create us with intelligence, creativity & intuition. If we don't use them, it is not God's "fault."

While we send love & prayers & aid to those suffering from natural disasters, & we should, the disasters are the way it works here on earth. Life on earth is fragile, & our "stuff" is even more fragile. What is hearty are our souls. Inside is the glory of God either shining or available to shine when we cooperate. Let us all turn within & ask for Guidance to live a life commensurate with the call from our souls to let the imprisoned splendor out.

Oh, Lord, Your Light pulses within me. I am Your creation, made from Divine Substance. Help me remember who I really am. Help me rise out of the vast stories of my life & of earth's life to no longer look through the glass darkly. Help me release from the depths of my soul Your imprisoned splendor. Help me to be all You call me to be. I ask this with every fiber of my being in the name of  Christ as I seal this with the ancient seal of faith, Amen, Amen & Amen

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