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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Open Letter to My Loved Ones

My entire life I have tried to model love, forgiveness, oneness, light, etc. in the way Christ asked me to do. I've not always done it well, but I have always tried. I've learned a great deal in the process. If you still hold darkness in your heart, I urge you to turn it over & let it go. Anything less than unconditional love binds you in a place you don't want or need to be. The ugliness of resentments, fears, arrogance, judgments, etc. keeps the person entertaining such things in a special kind of prison.

Sometimes it has been with huge effort that I have swallowed hard & almost forced myself to let loose of the resentments & let God's Love in to heal.

This Christmas is such a time. I swallow hard as I move into a place of forgiveness for the one who falsely accuses me & shuns me. God is present, even in the darkness of such rage & hatred in this person's heart & words. Transformation is possible. The Christ Child can be born in the cradle of even such a dark spot. Then there will be light.

God, I stand back, releasing all to You. I watch for the unfoldment of Your miracle.

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