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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Just Getting Started

We're 10 days into 2012, and I feel encouraged so far. I also have kept quite busy.

I'm busy at church with leading a Bible Study (the Bible in a year), a monthly spiritual discussion group, Prayers & Squares prayer quilt ministry, prayers before church, writing a prayer a week for the bulletin, putting together a prayer journal for Lent, President of Daughters of the King, and assorted other things.

I'm busy at the Quilt Guild as President this year and also editor of the newsletter, although I'm trying to get someone to take that one over. Tonight is our first meeting of the year, and I am really looking forward to it.

I'm learning to be able to quilt on my home machine and am actually getting better at it. I'd still really, really like to have a long-arm machine though. And I have hopes that some new sewing toys are in my near future.

I started a new book. The working title is "What On Earth Is Going On?" I feel excited about it.

My health is soooo much better than last year. I have hopes I'll be fine in this new year. If it continues, maybe I can make at least one more trip to see my friends in Russia and present another round of spiritual seminars. Some of my dearest friends are over there. You'd kind of expect that since I started going there in 1991.

We've finally discovered what caused some of our challenges and froze a part of our lives. We think that has been resolved and all should flow at any moment.

So, we could say it's only been 10 days since 2012 began. On the other hand, as you can see, a great deal has already happened in my life. Time is not a particularly concrete thing.

Dear Lord, I ask You continue to bless our lives in 2012. May it be all You would want it to be. Lead us, guide us, help us to live as You envision.

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