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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Week

The week before Easter 2013. It is called "Holy Week" by Catholics, Episcopalians and others. I wonder how holy our week actually is.

The new Pope Francis impresses me. He seems to me to be a holy man, endeavoring to model a more Christlike way to be a Christian. The Dalai Lama seems to me to be a holy man, Buddhist holy man.

The news tells me there are tons of people who are making very unholy choices. Television shows, movies and music testify to less than holiness.

The world of religion seems to me to be often unholy with Muslims killing Jews and Christians and imprisoning those who are of another faith. There are Christians who attack everyone who is not part of their particular wing of Christianity. There are bombings and missiles aiming to murder and maim anyone in the way of a particular path.

The planet seems to have gone mad. 

My mind goes to ponder what can turn it around? Is it even possible for this to be a holy week or day or even hour planet-wide?

What can you and I do to live a holy week? Can we live it one hour at a time to start? Can we become alert to our own thoughts and acts and retrain ourselves to make holy choices? What would it take to move the idea into the visible?

Let's give it a try together.

Lord, on this unholy planet, we rise up and wish to live a holy life. Show us the way. Lift our awareness. Help us choose to think and act in an increasingly holy way. 

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