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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Within Is the Way to Go

Once upon a time, when I was young and in college, I was directed to read several books on inner vs outer directed people. I haven't heard a lot about that concept lately. In case you haven't either - some people listen to their inner beings and values to guide their lives, while others look to trends or friends or anything outside of themselves. The latter way seems to be quite popular these days. As a person who strives to listen to inner guidance rather than outside things/people, I have ruffled quite a few feathers along the way. I have learned that even really nice people, or people of historic significance, may not know everything - in fact no one can for God is Infinite. I listen within as I read or hear a talk. I listen to see what the Spirit in me does with the stream of thought presented. Is there a recoil or an embrace? One that gets the embrace almost all of the time is Meister Eckhart.

I was reading Matthew Fox's book on "Meister Eckhart - A Mystic Warrior for Our Time" some more this morning. I love this book and will be re-reading it by the way. Anyway, according to my Kindle, I am at 54% and there is says: Eckhart says: "If you want the kernel, you must break the shell," and the kernel is the realization that "God and I are one." ... Man sees only pieces of things because his mind is fixed in a pattern designed to see things piecemeal. It is our fixed-thinking patterns that need to be let go of, our idols, our frozen mind-sets, which include seeing the world only through anthropocentric, not cosmic glasses... direct experience of God is key to any religious or spiritual awakening... Knowledge is not wisdom; and knowledge by external means does not lead to the hidden treasure, the meaning of life.

What I know is that as long as we look outside for answers, we cannot truly connect to the Presence and experience Wisdom, Light, The One. I am convinced that there is a deep spiritual hunger among the people of earth for the pat answers of others do not feed the soul. Only communing with the Presence satisfies. Within is the way to go.

I must say here, that I do miss the times when I was able to directly teach and lead others to this experience. I march on through the halls of time to whatever is my next assignment, so to speak.

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