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Monday, March 9, 2015

The Spark

I have long called that spiritual center in us, the knowing intuitive, holy center - the Spark - in my book, "Stretch Marks on My Aura," I have insets from my journals and called them "from the Spark." (not in print right now, but may put on Kindle books in the future.) Anyway, the creative bursts I have had in various areas all of my life have seemed to me to be inspirations from elsewhere. That is, I have written or painted or sewn things that I did not learn from earthly means. I just suddenly knew. Later, I discovered that Meister Ekhart also refers to that place in us as the Spark.

This morning I was reading some more Eckhart, and there was a reference that Aquinas said that Angels learn by intuition. I thought - and they then also teach us by intuition. That is how they function. I felt the flutter of wings. And I realized that the story quilt I had just done in a Marylou Weidman class depicts an angel over all the turning points of my life. Perhaps subconsciously I was crediting "my" angels with the intuitional leaps, the comforts through the deep valleys, and the vast roles they played/play in my life.

A thought to ponder.

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