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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


This morning I read a poem by MC. Richards that I want to discuss a bit.

The schooling that we seek is full within,
It rises to the surface as we move.
It has the face of angels, human speech...
Our planet is our school, and far beyond:
our church, our shop and study, and our fields.
We are all learning to awake:
awake in dream, in meditation and in prayer.
Inspired awake! Inspirited awake!
We feel it thus: one mighty school, the teaching everywhere.

In so many ways this speaks of some of my themes in my book, "What On Earth Is Going On? Spiritually Speaking?"

We are here on this planet to awaken, to remember who we are, to learn. There are clues and lessons bombarding us, and so many times we ignore or run from them. All great mystics tell us to WAKE UP, open our eyes and see. We are in this cradle of educational opportunity, blessed to be able to learn from everything and everyone. Truly the earth experience is luxuriant with constant opportunity to learn, to develop and awaken.

Let us join the poet - Inspired awake! Inspirited awake!

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